I guess it is safe to say that parents these days are looking for musical instruments for their children as the new school year commences. If a bass guitar is on the list, I believe deals on Squier guitars are worth checking out. As for me, I am looking for deals on trumpets or flute or clarinet because it is what my daughter is considering to play in the school band for this year. I am very excited for her although I don’t look forward to the expenses, haha! Nevertheless, as a working mom, I will even work harder for her because I don’t want to limit her potentials as I know it will be worth it when the time comes.

It seems like this new school year will bring so much excitement to me and to my Fifth Grader! Hooray for that!



Who doesn’t have a selfie stick these days? I mean, I am sure there are many that don’t have it but if you are a smartphone user and you like to take photos, I am sure a selfie stick is a must have for you! Well, it is kinda to me that I got myself one when we went to Las Vegas last June. Actually, it is a concrete souvenir that I have of our Vegas 2016 escapade.

I personally like to take photos and since I am the photographer 99 percent of the times, a selfie stick is a great tool for me in order to be in the picture, too! Lol. Actually, I already have two monopods but when we went to Las Vegas, I forget to bring one with us so getting a new one while there was a good thing. It was only $9.99 at CVS and the fact that it is of good quality; even better than my old ones, was worth it.

So, do you think I was able to do a lot of selfies with this prop? You bet! Hopefully, I can share some snaps next time! 😉