Our move to Texas in June is getting more and more exciting as we are nearing the date, the closing date of the property we tried to acquire most especially. This week, we are gathering all the documents and paperworks for our processor as she starts to do the processing of our mortgage. The next step will be finding for the homeowner’s insurance and the flood insurance and then we will be off to finalizing the closing process. I wish we can get the services of don allred insurance. Too bad that he is based in North Carolina. Guess this means I will just have to recommend him to the NC people. I have a friend based there and she and her family are also looking into buying a property in the next six months so this will be relevant to them.

As first time homebuyers, it’s pretty tedious dealing with all the process there is, but it is equally exciting as well. The comfort of looking for what we need that’s just available online always helps!



Our cleaning and packing up for that looked forward Texas move has officially began. Today, the husband and I worked on keeping the stuff in this entertainment system furniture be safely boxed so we can get rid of this thingy:

Nope, we are not bringing this with us to Texas so I am finding a way to get rid of this the easy way. I am thinking of putting it up on Craigslist as somebody might be interested ¬†for it for $35 at least. Lol. We can actually give this away if somebody would want it so if you are, feel free to pick it up. Ha ha! This thing is so heavy– and that’s a warning! The husband even has to uninstall the siding, the cabinet doors, and the top cover just so it will be a little lighter. I don’t know how we managed to get this in when we bought this 4 years ago. I think it was so easier since it was still on the box. Well, now, we have no reason to bring it with us so this must go. Our TV and other media stuff that are in this entertainment system furniture are now boxed so yay, our living room is kinda becoming a bit roomy now.

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