Late January of this year, I went ahead and cut my hair short. I have been waiting for the perfect time to do it and it came. After three years. Yep, the last time I cut my hair before it was in January of 2012. And as desired, I sent it to Locks of Love for donation. I did the same thing this time sending my hair around second week of February and yesterday, April 6th, I received the personalized Thank You card from them, for my hair donation.

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I don’t really need this but it is one nice gesture of appreciation so Locks of Love, you are very welcome! It is my honor and privilege to share what I have to those who may need it. In this case, my hair. This is my third time doing this and I shall do this again for as long as I can.



One of the musical tools that I find to be hard to find at the stores are the chairs. When I was looking for a piano chair for our keyborad here at home, I had a hard time finding one at the stores near me. I had to search for one online which is not the best because I had to really spend a lot of time reading the review first before paying for them. It is different when you can buy one in store as you can just try sitting on it and then decide to buy it or now. You know what I mean? Well, with the musical instrument Cello, I am glad that there is this cello chair online that I think is simply perfect!


Although none among us can play the Cello or has Cello, I do know someone who does and I am thinking of sharing with her this site that has a huge variety of awesome musical instruments and tools. I am sure this will be a good site for her!