We are so looking forward to our second summer adventure as Texans. You see, last year was our first summer here in Texas and we just moved in so we felt like we were still strangers trying to fit in and orienting ourselves to anything Texas. And because this state is so huge and its culture and historical background so vast, we weren’t really done with familiarizing ourselves to the entirety of Texas. However, we are now residents here so we have a longer time to do it from now on. Hooray for that, right?

One of the things that excites us this summer is fishing because it is what most of our friends here are enjoying. We have heard so many fun times of them fishing either in the ocean or in the lakes and we are definitely interested to try any of those. With the gears and outfits for fishing, I have discovered an awesome website where I can get some at a less price and the Buff Sports Series Water Gloves look so attractive to me. I have heard that it is most useful if we fish using rods.


How about you? Is there any activity that excites you this summer? If you are looking forward to go fishing, too, why don’t you check out this video on tenkara fly fishing at AvidMax Outfitters and see if there is anything you can get from this video that will help you prepare for this summer’s fishing session? Enjoy watching!



This kind of scenery is one that is so relaxing for me:

Spacious, high ceiling, gorgeous lighting, and books all around me. You can tell that I am in a library with such description, can’t you? Well, the lounging area of the university library is a place that I so love staying at during my spare time. And I don’t have a lot of spare time so I seldom to go this place to hang out with my textbooks or just be with myself enjoying my quiet time.

How about you– what is your kind of place to spend your extra minutes?