At work, all my co-workers have expressed their desire to really go serious with getting healthy this new year. Some have resort to religious gym hours while others go for diet supplements. I am not sure of any have tried strength training supplements – Supplement Edge and I am planning to ask them because who knows, they could be good and credible people to tell me about this kind of supplement. While I am one of the few with smaller body figure at my workplace, I actually feel so big for my age and height and that’s because most of my coworkers have American genes and I have the Filipino built. So, for me, I still feel like I need to go on a diet.

Like my coworkers, I need to be serious and be really at it. I have my exercise equipment here at home since I don’t have the time to hit the gym so I shouldn’t find any alibi. I just got my smart blender which is good if I will go for a smoothie diet so there shouldn’t be any reason to fail at it.

So we will really see. It is only January, anyway, so I should still have the time to start on it. Definitely, I want to see myself healthier and more disciplined this year in order to have a longer life with my loved ones.



This is a late Thank You post but better late than never, right? A couple days after the New Year, my daughters opened a package from Amazon delivery which was ordered and sent by their Tita from Wisconsin. Some Math games which she thought would be perfect for these Math whiz kiddos!


Well, what do you expect but for these girls to be overjoyed about it! Triz got the suspension sticks thingy and Tiara got the Mathdice. Both are really great toys to play with and right away, these girls went ahead and had fun the moment they took the stuff out from the box.

To my very good friend back up in the frozen tundra, thank you so much, An and family! We really appreciate your thoughtfulness, guys and hope to see you someday soon here visiting Texas! :)