Shopping time!!! Well, on Sunday that is! And I have been so looking forward to it because this time around, I’ll be going shopping with a friend! And that’s for the first time, here in Texas! Exciting, right? I might be able to find plus size yoga pants or sets that I can buy for my sister. See, she has been asking for one and since I am planning to send a package to Philippines later this year, it will be perfect time for me to get her one.

Shopping for plus size items is not so hard anymore now that there are clothing store online and off that we can go to. It is a big help of course!

So, come weekend, I will have to really make the most of my day being out and about with just a friend. It will be therapeutic. If you’re a woman like me, you know what I am talking about. Lol.



Whoa!!! All along, I thought I am not the one who will accept dogs as pets in MY home! Well, Today, I have defied such strong gut when I accepted these tiny and definitely cute creatures in our home! Meet Winter and Pepper, our newest family members!

This is gonna be a trial on my part, but hopefully, these tiny souls will last a while in our home. Another set of maintenance alright, but another way to instill responsibilities on our part, definitely! My Pa-in-law and I agreed to have them, MIL strongly opposed of our decision, little Tiara adores having them around, while the husband didn’t know yet that we are having them. He’s still in his office and I bet he will be surprise when he comes home with these new adopted members that he’s gonna feed. LOL. The biggest surprise will be Triz’s reaction. She is at school today, on her first day of 3rd grade and I can’t imagine how she will fare when she gets home at 3 later and see these. I will tell you what her reaction is asap.

Well, can you say NO to them? We have them for free. A Filipino couple offered them to us for fostering or adoption after visiting us here at home and they were able to see our spacious backyard. They only told us that the tiny dogs will enjoy our place and so if we’re interested, they’ll give them to us. They have 7 and they only live in an apartment. So I felt like keeping them in order to give them a ‘good’ ┬áhome.

Let’s see how long will I last having them around. :D