I was looking at this taylor guitar from Musicians Friend because this past weekend, a fourth grader at my daughter’s school is a member of a children’s band and she played a guitar with the Taylor brand in it. I think such brand is great! She played really skillfully that I was so amazed and I had to wait for her after the program was over so I can extend my congratulations to her. She did really great, at only 9 10 years old. Like her, my daughter is also into learning to play the guitar but she doesn’t get any formal lessons from a guitar teacher. She only learns it from my husband and I am wishing that with Daddy as her teacher, she will also be a guitarist someday. No pressure though; I am already very happy with her learning the piano.


When my sister based in Japan told me that Mizuno brand for shoes is what their Nurses are using as their work shoes, I went ahead and got myself one.

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It is not that expensive, but it is not cheap either. Well, I got mine on sale so I am happy for the price I paid. And, all I know is that, it is a good brand. I haven’t worn it yet but I look forward to trying it soon. It’s just that my current work shoes are still good and useful, still comfortable, so I am making use of their service for now. I have seen a couple of my coworkers wear it, and they said they love it. I believe them, because when I tried my new one on, it felt so comfy. Good enough for a long 12-hour-shift! Hopefully.