I haven’t posted my Mother’s Day memoirs for this year as I got so busy but rest assured, it was a wonderful day for me!

Mother’s Day 2016

I love how busy we all were because it was graduation weekend at the university and my husband, being a Faculty, has had a hectic schedule. But, last weekend has been really fun and wonderful for me! I thank everybody that greeted but most of all, I thank my very own family because they are the ones that made me become a Mom and they are the ones that can assess my kind of mothering. My daughter Triz gifted me with personalized cards and stuff she made from school with her teacher’s help and it is very much appreciated.

As always, every Mother’s Day since I became one in 2016, life has been extra amazing. Gratefulness abounds in my heart every time I look at my life and realize how blessed I truly am.

Hope every Mom out there had a wonderful day as well!



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My daughter has asked many times if we could make a home studio so she could utilize her skill or talent in creating and producing music from her own compositions. For now, I can’t afford to buy all of those props but since she is into piano lesson, I keep encouraging her to just continue to compose lyrics because someday soon, she will be able to put them into music.

One of the very needed music gears is the sound system. We have an entertainment system here at home but it is nothing because what she wants is a home studio for her show or music productions. Ha ha! It seems like this girl is aiming to become a filmmaker or something. I hope not as I would rather have her become a Doctor. But then again, it is her own choice. Wherever God leads her, for sure she will follow.