One of the most fun adventure we did last month was ride a train from Fort Worth to Dallas and had a blast at the Texas State Fair. The Auto Show is what my daughters’ favorite part was. As you can see us in this photo collage below, we had a great time testing the driver’s seat of a few cars that we like.

Triz loves red so she was inlove with the red hybrid car. It was a nice exhibit and people were countless in the exhibit hall. When we got home, these girls bragged to their Daddy how much fun they have had being on this adventure with Mommy and two Aunties. Hopefully, we can do this again next year, with Daddy with us!



We have four guitars here at home that we owned. The husband and the daughter both play them. Having said that, knowing where to buy drop c sharp tuning guitar strings matters. The last time I bought a set, I had to get them online. It was pretty affordable but the guitarist didn’t like it. I don’t know what the reason was, but I trust his judgment; he is the one who knows after all.

When it comes to fixing or troubleshooting the musical instruments we have here at home, I play none so I can’t be trusted. Ha ha. However, I am the one that shop for anything that they need so price-wise, I recommend one to the musician and it is up to them to decide to get it or not.