Where is the city of sleep for you? I would expect, of course, that you’ll answer “In my bedroom!” Why not, right? Your bedroom should be a refuge to get your very restful night. If you need any sleep help, you should get yourself the most comfortable bed there is around!

As for me, our master’s bedroom is now one of my favorite place here in our new house. We already got a new king size bed collection for our super big mattress and it is now all set and arranged. I only need more wall decors but I think I will be fine as soon as I can unbox the photo frames and albums we have and can find something that I can decorate in our room. It is where I place my personal computer as well so even though it is our bedroom, I still will be working in there during non-bedtime hours.



An Express Mail package arrived in our front door last week and it came all the way from Ormoc City, Philippines!

It is a Plaque of Appreciation and oh, it is such a sweet treat!

We never expected this but we are honestly very thankful. There is another something that I can add to my acknowledgment collections, yay! It is sent by a church from Philippines that helped out rebuilt. It is nice to know that they have acknowledged everything that we did and were very thankful for it as well. In times when you show generosity and reach out to people whom you don’t even personally know, even if you are not expecting anything in return, it was nice that they still tried to pay you back even just in term of a plaque like this. Such a nice souvenir, don’t you think?