Whoa!!! All along, I thought I am not the one who will accept dogs as pets in MY home! Well, Today, I have defied such strong gut when I accepted these tiny and definitely cute creatures in our home! Meet Winter and Pepper, our newest family members!

This is gonna be a trial on my part, but hopefully, these tiny souls will last a while in our home. Another set of maintenance alright, but another way to instill responsibilities on our part, definitely! My Pa-in-law and I agreed to have them, MIL strongly opposed of our decision, little Tiara adores having them around, while the husband didn’t know yet that we are having them. He’s still in his office and I bet he will be surprise when he comes home with these new adopted members that he’s gonna feed. LOL. The biggest surprise will be Triz’s reaction. She is at school today, on her first day of 3rd grade and I can’t imagine how she will fare when she gets home at 3 later and see these. I will tell you what her reaction is asap.

Well, can you say NO to them? We have them for free. A Filipino couple offered them to us for fostering or adoption after visiting us here at home and they were able to see our spacious backyard. They only told us that the tiny dogs will enjoy our place and so if we’re interested, they’ll give them to us. They have 7 and they only live in an apartment. So I felt like keeping them in order to give them a ‘good’  home.

Let’s see how long will I last having them around. :D



Forex trading is one of the businesses that is catching attention today. Perhaps this is due to the return of investment one can get out of it compared to what other businesses offer. It is mainly one of the reasons why people invest at it too. However, a lot of people fail to earn and become productive at this line because of the wrong timing of trading or most probably, have had mistakenly managed the account. Thus, learning how to become productive at this field is really essential and helpful.

Different ways and techniques are available that can be applied on how to productively earn at forex. It’s just a matter of how broad is a person’s idea towards the industry. However, it does not mean that only those who have wide knowledge towards are the best ones to be in the field. Everyone can be. It’s just that they should somehow have the idea.

Productively earning at forex is not really that difficult. One must just have the important factors on how to let it work.  In fact, one can even learn it online from forex websites like Varengold (click here for more details https://www.varengoldbankfx.com/en/). And the following are the things one must know:

  • Effort

-          Effort really matters. Once a person has it, it will lead him or her to success. Putting effort to all things you do makes everything no impossible to do.

  • Discipline

-          One of the important factors one must possess is the fact of being disciplined. Once a person is disciplined towards his action in everything he does particularly in doing trading, less problem occur.

  • Attentive

-          In trading, being attentive is very important as well. If you want to really earn at it, being attentive to what you are doing is really essential especially that rates changes from time to time.

  • Analytic

-          Aside from being knowledgeable, effortful towards trading, disciplined, and being attentive, it is also important to have a good analysis in the field. Since trading varies on how currencies change, being analytic is really important and plays a major role towards getting success in the field.

Winning is not really achieved by techniques alone. Having a good attitude and the right focus are also important to have for one to really reach the goal in being successful in the industry.