As you all know, my 10-year-old daughter is a voracious reader. She is a HOARDER of books! So, when I surprised her with a bag full of books, she was more than thrilled. These were in the bag that I handed to her, some 12 pieces of books which I got from The Keene Church thrift store for only 10 bucks. Sure enough, they are priceless to my book-lover-kiddo!

It is my treat to her for bringing in grades every week that are all A’s. I am so easy to please as a Mom and my 5th Grader sure knows how to do it! Β He he.

I won’t hesitate to buy her more books if there are new ones on the shelf the next time I go to the store. Of course, it is more than fun to buy them because they are the kinds of books that I would want her to read and I get to purchase them at a really low price. That being said, I am so thankful to be living in Keene, Texas because of this access to good materials.


The daughter has swayed her interest on learning to play the guitar to mastering the hand bell and the trumpet. That’s because these two are what she is into for her 5th Grade class. She is in the hand bell choir and for Middle School band, she chose to play the trumpet. So in her spare time, aside from maintaining her posture and skills on the piano, she would rather be with her trumpet rather than her guitar. That means even a brand new taylor 214 acoustic guitar right now would not suffice.

Not a problem to me though. As long as she has interests in any of those musical instruments out there, I am fine. I know for sure that she will one day hold her guitar once again, because it is her first love, when it comes to musical instruments!