While my older daughter loves horses and animals, the little one adores Hello Kitty characters. Well, she is soon to be a preschooler and looking at these personalized backpacks that can be ordered online, I am attracted to one that I believe will be perfect for my little daughter.

Cat Stephen Joseph Sidekick Kids Backpack

It is like Daniel Tiger which my darling Tiara adores and I can already imagine how she would react if she sees this backpack with her own eyes. I love to surprise her and her big sister as they show innocent and sweet expressions of gratitude every time.

Well, pretty soon, I will have kids that both go to school already. That would then mean that I am no longer a young mom but one that’s absolutely getting old. Getting older. Ha ha.

How about you– do you love personalized backpacks for your students?



This mesa boogie mini rectifier is one that my daughter’s school is trying to get. Fundraising is going on for this musical prop that will be a really great addition to their music department so as much as I can, I am giving in funds so the school will be able to get this before this year ends. Anything that my daughter and the other students at school will benefit for, I am all for it. I know that many kids have talents in music so this guitar amplifier will be a helpful item that they can use for their music ministry. I have aimed to get one for our own here at home but I really haven’t decided yet which one to get. So I will just throw my support for now to the school as I am sure it will be put to good use.