I finally get to enjoy the newly made-over China cabinet that we got. After everything was finished, I went ahead and took out my boxed of kept dinnerware and other utensils that I liked to put in my new China. On the bottom shelf of the top hutch are my collections of plates. Yes, I am a sucker of neatly-colored dinner plates. With my attractive choice of color for our china makeover, I think my display of dinner plates stands out. And I love it!

Displaying 20150727_000639.jpg

It easily catches the attention of my guests every time because of how neat the white stuff are. Sure enough, I believe I picked the right colors.

Gone are the days though that we take out plates from our hutch and cabinets to use during get-together or parties. Nope, I am not gonna place myself in such a hassle these days. It sounds nonsense to collect these beautiful plates for display only but yes, that is what I am gonna do every time because these days, disposable usage for wares is but the winner! Lol.



Having three guitar players here at home means music is rich in our home! Am I happy that it is? Absolutely! That’s why when the husband asked one time if it is possible for me to find an affordable guitar amplifier that they can use, I never said no although I didn’t promise to buy one as that very moment. I said if I can find one that is worth paying for, why not? And then I saw a link with dr z amps or guitar amplifiers that I believe is what he has been wanting to have. It is his birthday next month so maybe this will be a perfect idea to give as a birthday present. Hmmm… what a perfect timing! I need to keep it to myself though so it will be a surprise for him. That would mean then that guitar playing will happen even more often now with a new amplifier!