Last night was definitely one of the great nights we have spent together as a family here in Texas! That’s because we were all able to go out and watch a concert for over two hours. It was in the evening and you can imagine how our lives went with a hyperactive toddler. Well, we were actually able to tamed her! Good for us, right? LOL.

Anyway, that crowded place that we went to last night definitely used a powered speaker. The venue was huge so the powered speaker need not be placed in an enclosed cabinet.

If you don’t know what a powered speaker is, you can look up and read more in this link shared. It may not be for a group but when you have a kid who has a musical mind, you will also feel like getting him one.


I was oh so WOWED when I got into the Chan Shun Building for the very first time in my entire life! Lol. What stunned me was the gorgeous set-up of the chandelier by the lobby. This is what I am talking about:

Displaying IMG_20140829_113820.jpg

Isn’t that gorgeous?

There’s two of them at the lobby and oh how I have loved just staying there the entire time because I felt like I was in a different galaxy! Lol.

Now I am wishing to have one or similar to one. I don’t have a gorgeous living room set-up here in my own home but I could try to do a quick makeover, right? Actually, there is no plan yet of doing any update because of budget constraints. Soon though, if our finances will allow, beautifying our ceiling will definitely be one of the must-do. And yes, I will surely make a ‘Before and After’ post for it! :)