For being the sole consistent Scripture Challenger at school doing all levels for the month of April, our daughter Triz earned this reward which she absolutely is thrilled to have: The Action Bible from Principal Kennedy!

And it saved me $30.00 because I need not buy it at the Adventist Book Center! She earned it the sweet way which is so so happy about! Congrats, anak! You deserved this treat and more!


There is a blue electric guitar at that my daughter finds to be so attractive. It is a Gibson classical electric guitar and my daughter, being a learner of guitar playing, is so wanting to own it. It costs really big though and since she is an amateur, she doesn’t need it. Yet. I think whether it be a Gibson or Epiphone, both have great qualities and are of great brands, too! I know someone who plays the bass guitar for four years in college because she is the only female bass guitarist at the university where she goes to and my young daughter looks up to her big time. Which I don’t see any problem at all because she is someone worth looking up to because of her amazing talents and academic achievements. Which makes it easier for me to counsel and encourage my daughter to work hard on her studies so she can be like C, the person she admires, and can someday get the kind of guitar that she wishes she can have. Sweet motivation I must say!