Good job to the husband who finished the difficult task of making an old China cabinet look new! I decided the choice of color, I started painting it, but didn’t get to finish it after being so busy with work and with my other household chores. So, Husband to the rescue! Now, I am all smiles looking at the seemingly new China cabinet which I can’t wait to fill.

It sure makes our kitchen look more real or more of a dining room now. I still need two more enclosed stand that I shall put in the corner but that can wait. What I am thankful for is this new China that I really wanted for a long time. It is not the fanciest as it still looks so simple as I prefer it to be, but it is good enough for me. Hooray to DIY-ers like us!



I have been eyeing on some surya rugs that I would really love to have but their prices are not so friendly to me so until now, I am still eyeing on them. Get this though: has them for 40% off! How’s that? To me, they are good enough for a discount so if you are like me who finds surya rugs a must-have, check them out now!

We still have a carpeted living room right now so I still am not in a hurry to buy one. Soon though, the husband and I have planned on changing our floor from carpet to hardwood and by then, an area rug will be a need as I always prefer having an area rug in my living room over a hardwood or tiled flooring. I saw one that really fits my style and the design is simply beautiful so I might just go ahead and get it while it is on sale. You see, surya rugs are that expensive so a little discount, or a 40% off, is too good already- what do you think?