A-Snap-A-Day 2014

One of the presents I received this past Christmas was these special goodies from a very dear friend based in Pennsylvania.

Emzkie was so thoughtful and sweet to send me stuff that are a true treasure! Along with the holiday greeting card from her family, she personally chose a bread serving plate for me. She pretty much know how much a baker I am and it’s just unfortunate that I can’t hand her some freshly baked Pinoy breads anytime I have just taken out a tray from my oven! Nope, distance doesn’t let me do it! Lol. When I can have my own home someday soon, it will be a regular serving plate used on my dining table. It is so beautiful and perfectly suits my “everything” white preference. Another very special something is the religious bracelet. I was sure so touched and moved when she said she sent me this as a token of our friendship.

Truly, Emz is a keeper! I am glad our virtual friendship blossomed into one true relationship that we can talk many things under the sun! Er, via our keyboard or touch screens! LOL. Even if we have only met once, I can feel that we share so many things in common especially experiences and lifestyle here in the US and being parents. Triz loves the Pennsylvania fridge magnet! She has decided to collect this stuff from now on so it is one cool addition to her new collections. Thanks a lot, Emz! Know that I truly appreciate everything that our friendship has caused us to be happy, emotional, and supportive of each other. Cheers to that lasting friendship that we both desired! 🙂

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