I thought this was a bargain so I bought it! A pack of 30 AA batteries for only $6 plus free shipping? Why not! It’s not branded, but I trust that it can do what it’s supposed to do so we will see.


There are a few things in life we can never have too much or too many of. Batteries fall into that category. Almost every device, every gadget needs batteries to keep them going. Here in my household, AA batteries are a must-have because of the electronic devices of my daughters. Also, just in case of power outage (which we have never experienced yet here in our residency), these batteries can make our flash lights work, too. And of course, they’ll be great for low energy consuming devices such as remote controls and clocks.

I actually thought a pack of 30 batteries for only $6 is not bad! What do you think? Got it from my favorite flash deals store! 😉