Hello BPC joiners! Sorry I am not too early today! Please be reminded that I am a Sabbathkeeper and I normally am off on Saturdays from all my physical labors as I keep the Sabbath days holy. That means every Saturday, postings will happen when the sun sets already as that’s when the time I resume doing my works.

Anyway, keep your entries coming! My visits to yours will be delayed but rest assured, I will definitely hop on your pages soon! 🙂

Today’s share is a snap of my happy feet. Yep, yesterday afternoon, in bhttp://www.aschoolingmom.com/2012/10/real-money-tree/etween running errands after picking up Ate Triz from school, my housemates offered me a treat, a sweet treat that was: a badly needed pedicure! Although paying $25 for just a pedicure alone sounded too much to me, I gave in. After all, I only get this twice or thrice a year. Lol. If only I am in Philippines, I could make a trip to the salon twice a month and I won’t go broke!

Here, by the way are my poor yet happy feet:


Fresh from a sweet Friday afternoon treat!

And of course, I am glad to have my feet pampered. It was a quick treat, but toenails trim and color are what I simply needed so I’m contended! I can do the thing myself, but with how tired my body has been from all the nannyhood and housemaid roles I’ve been up to, having someone do it to me was such a treat. Thanks Tol and Ate Triz for your treat!

My 259th of the 366