Our little Tiara, our July 28th baby, has turned 14 weeks old yesterday! She was born on a Sabbath, so every Saturday marks her weekly birthday. It’s so easy to track that we find the days to come by even faster! Gosh, we’re getting older and older each day! 😀


What heart won’t melt with that smile? 🙂

As usual, she is so sweet and is growing so beautifully on her 14th week birthday! She is an added bucketful of joy in The Duarte household, and is so loved, adored, and cared for. We are so blessed with such a healthy baby and her physical strength continues to develop each day showing us signs that everything is fine and normal as she lifts her head up and down, turns it left and right, and helps her body get up with the help of our mighty arms. Her cognitive development is amazing! She’s only 3 months and 1 week but she is very talkative already. Of course, using their famous ‘baby language’! She wants to be talked to when she’s awake, be snuggled, be played with, be sung, and be story told. She laughs like there is never a problem in the world and all three of us can accomplish nothing of our tasks when we spend time with this sweet baby of ours! I can’t hope and pray for anything else for her other than for God to let her continue grow in His grace, protection, and providence.

My 260th of the 366.