I am not paid to promote this brand; I hope I will be. Lol. That’s because Pampers brand for diapers and wipes is what our choice for our little one. Although expensive (as I have observed, it is the most expensive brand in the market), the husband is closing his eyes for its cost. He’s the one paying for it so I got my hands down.


Pampering Pampers

Did you know that a single baby uses between 2,200 and 2,900 diapers in one year? That’s based on the 8 diapers per day of usage. Imagine how  much is it? I mean, how expensive it is!

 Plus, in our part, when it’s the husband who takes care of our little one, a cry that he couldn’t stop means a diaper change. Even if it’s not that wet yet, he still will change it. I often tell him not to be too wasteful because it is expensive. He’ll just reply, “That’s okay. We gotta make sure that this little lady is most comfortable while she’s on this thingy.” I call that love, what else?

Ahh… the advent of nappies! Aren’t we- modern parents, so lucky for the diaper invention? I’ve experienced washing linens of babies pre-diaper days, and I don’t want to go back to those times for sure! 😀

So, Pampers it is! It is our preference when it comes to diapers. It is super absorbent even though it’s thin and light, and it suits well with our baby’s skin. The wipes– wet and soft. The husband couldn’t complain… except for its cost. But he’s willing to sacrifice for at least 2 years! Lol. As for me, I don’t really mind whatever brand it is!

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