My Ate Triz is an artist! Aside from being a composer, she uses her hands in sketching and drawing and painting. When she’s frustrated and disappointed over something, she gets a pen and a paper and write something in there or draw an emoticon to express her mood. Ever since, I have always encouraged her to express her feelings towards something or someone. I briefed her though time and again about not showing a tantrum when in public, or else, she’ll be dealing with a tiger mom at home! Lol.

I’ve caught an output of her many times of a “mad face”, a “sad face”, a “No more love for you, Mang!” note, a “Dad, I did’t like what you did to my stuff today! You need to say sorry to me!” note, an “I love you, Mom!”, a “You are the best mom I have ever had!” sweet missives, a “Thank you, Dad for being the best dad ever!”, and so many more. Yes, I have an awesome firstborn!

Last Friday, I went to pick her up from school and she took me to the hallway where the picture of her and the other students who were selected as “Bobcats Students of the Week” was posted. I was eager to see it because I thought she was just joking when she told me that she was chosen as one of those students who possessed, showed, and lived  up to the school motto. When I saw the photo, I was ecstatic. I told her, “so you weren’t kidding, then!”

She went, “Of course, not!” When she asked if I was happy for her, I told her I was and is also very proud of her. Then she told me she’ll make something for me when we get home. A happy face it was that she made for me!


A happy face maker! 🙂

She said she was the happiest daughter for having a happy mommy and that happy face she made reflects her happy heart. She wanted it to be stuck in our fridge at all times to remind me of her and I told her that even without the created happy face, she, by being a good girl, always makes me a happy momma! I know, I have a corny but wonderful kiddo around here! 😉

My 262nd of the 366