So, it’s officially winter! The cold and even freezing temperatures may have arrived to our place way earlier but the first snowfall just came in time. Yesterday, we woke up to a snowy surroundings that the husband exclaimed, “Wisconsin is a battleground state (for the US election) so people today will be experiencing the heat that election brings. I guess that’s why we were given the snow today so that people will keep their cool!” Spot on, sweetheart!

November 6th was our very first snowfall this year. Last year, I remember it was November 4th. Too cold, but not bad. I love looking at the beauty of the snow rather than dwelling on the cold temperature!

Election Day 2012 snow

And even if it was snowing all day yesterday, I still went out and about the entire morning! And in the afternoon, the snow changed to a freezing rain status that we were given the freezing alert warning here in Central Wisconsin. Not a problem though as we didn’t need to go out. When the daughter arrived home from school, we spent the entire time chatting about the day’s events. When evening came, the husband and I were glued to the election updates and we slept at almost 2am, right after President Obama gave his excellent victory speech. We weren’t able to vote as we couldn’t yet, but we are thankful that majority gave him four more years. I bet we differ on this opinion because we see things differently but let’s all be free to talk about it, not argue. 🙂

My 263rd of the 366