So, Tambis, in English, is called Watery Rose Apple or Rose Apple. Did you know that? I am currently browsing my photo archive and I stumbled upon this snap:


Tambis freshly picked from our neighbor’s tree in 2008! 😀

No Filipino there is that doesn’t know what a Tambis is. This fruit grows well in Southeast Asian countries especially in my home country Philippines. We have a neighbor in our former house in Villa Angela Subdivision (former because we already sold that house after Typhoon Sendong  flooded my family there almost a year ago) who has a couple trees of Tambis and because they could hardly consume all the fruits when they’re in season, they don’t really mind if people would pick them up even without asking for permission. Since we were good neighbors, they had to constantly tell us to feel free to pick some if we feel like munching on them.

When I went home in 2008, I was drooling on the abundant fruits that when I asked my sister to go ask for some in exchange for a pack of ‘imported’ chocolates, my my… they wanted to harvest everything for me! Lol. Of course we only got a bowl to enjoy and it was worth biting and chewing! Its watery nature is one perfect fruit in the tropics given the hot climate.

Do you like Tambis? Have you tried them?

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