Hi everyone! How’s your weekend? Mine is wonderful! 🙂

I made this Cassava Cake early this morning to bring to church for our potluck lunch as we always have a vegetarian potluck every Saturday.


Cassava Cake

It isn’t my first time of making this. As a matter of fact, this is the easiest fix I can think of when we decide to stay for lunch every Sabbath at church. This is my husband’s favorite but not mine. Everyone at church love this but not me. When I was pregnant with Tiara, I hated the smell of the yummy cooking that I do with this. It’s funny remembering the time when I had to get up around 6am on Saturdays to bake this. When it’s already baking in the oven, its wonderful and so yummy aroma would fill our home and I would hide in our bedroom putting a mask on my nose so that I couldn’t smell what was baking. I know, it was crazy. When our church mates learned about it, they were like, “Really? How sweet of you to be making this for us even if you couldn’t stand the smell!” They didn’t know that it is the quickest dish I can make that’s why I had to endure the process. Lol.

Our church family would always look forward to my Cassava Cake. And I loved it every time I bring some in and not bringing any leftover back. If my container or baking dish has some left and the meal time is over, there’s always somebody who would volunteer to take the “sobra” home. To my delight, of course!

My 266th of the 366