I took advantage of the coupon code for a free 8×10 collage print that Walgreens sent in my inbox because a $4.99 worth of such size of a photo in print is good enough when it’s free, right? I was able to come up with this arrangement of our smiles and snaps:


When I picked up the photo, I was very satisfied with the free product! I am not printing my photos anymore as it’s taking me a lot of work to select those that I want to be printed plus it’s too much for its cost not to mention I still have to buy those photo albums so I can store the prints in a cool and safe place. Last year, I bought a 2.5 TB of external hard drive so I thought it will be enough to last me 20 years for just my photos. Having said that, a deal for a single print or two is just good enough to be grabbed. Plus, its size is just frameable  so it isn’t so hard at all to put it in a safe spot. Thanks Walgreens!

My 268th of the 366