The shopaholic strikes again!

Even though the budget is too tight these days, I still indulged on a little shopping spree that didn’t really make me feel guilty after ticking the “Confirm Payment” in the checkout section. Lol. That’s because it was a pair of a Fila slippers that I bought– for my almost awesome husband and myself! 😀 For $10.99 each (originally 18.99) and free shipping at 6pm, what’s there to be guilty of? HAH!


Fila– for him and mine!

It was actually just the husband’s poor feet that needed a pair of slipper. That’s because he almost walked barefoot late last summer as all of his slippers were given away already. After the last pair was brought by Pa-in-law to Las Vegas per the husband’s offer, I told myself to buy him a new one. And off I did buy him a pair, with another pair for myself as well! When the husband saw it on the afternoon when he came home from school, he thought it was a good selection that I made and promised me to not give his pair away anymore since it needs to be where mine are. And I was like, “Better mark your words!” Lol.

My 269th of the 366