My bestfriend bestsister who I dearly called Yaya (because I grew up with her taking care of me until college) is based in Japan and she has spoiled me a lot of things Japanese. I haven’t taught myself to take advantage of the spoiling though. Ever since she has lived in Japan, she would always ask me what I want as she would be delighted to send them to me as soon as she can. However, I don’t ask for things that I want. I feel like she has given enough already to me and my siblings. Yaya is the most generous sibling I have. Most generous to the point that many would take advantage of her goodness. I don’t, that’s why she’s willing to give me whatever I ask. Now that we are apart and have each other’s family, we still have each other’s back. I am always her consultant in whatever she does and plans, even though I am thousands of miles away from her.

When I was still in Philippines, every time she comes home from Japan, she would always bring a box of fresh Fuji Apples for me. A box has a dozen in it and she would let me be a steward of it, letting me choose who should be given and how much. Japan’s Fuji Apples are the best! It is so sweet, crunchy, and just everything delicious! I have never tried had any apple more delicious the Japan’s Fuji– the first class that is. Here in the US, there are a whole lot of variety of apples but even the Fuji kind is not exactly the same from the ones picked from Japan.

According to Yaya and my Japanese BIL, Fuji Apples have that distinct sweetness because of Japanese’s unique way of growing them– that a honey is grafted in fertilized in it as it grows. I don’t know how that works but I kind of believe them. Lol.

Last week, Yaya visited a Fuji orchard in Fukuoka and handpicked fresh Fuji Apples. She showed this to me so I would drool because she knew that I missed this kind of Apple already.


Fuji Apples and my beautiful sister! 🙂

She flew home to Philippines last Sunday and she brought with him a box of her handpicked Apples for her husband and her daughter and the rest of our family who are waiting for her back in CDO. The last time we reunited was in January of 2010 and yes, I miss her and the rest of the family badly.

My 270th of the 366