Whew! That was a very toxic week so far! And we still have a long day today as we drive to Wausau’s Aspirus Hospital for our INS medical appointment with the Civil Surgeon General. The past days have made me really tired and exhausted. Today, I am feeling unwell– kinda feverish, feeling like my blood pressure is high, my head aches a bit, and I feel so restless even with the long night of sleep. But I have to keep going. We are going away for a day, all four of us, anyway, so I won’t be left alone.

The exhausting days that passed by were overshadowed though with the achievement of our excellent First Grader. Her report card for the first quarter has been released and my oh my, this Ate Triz of ours is aiming high and setting a very remarkable school year!

First quarter for the First Grade is now a history. Great job, Triz!

Her report card shows a rating that exceeds our expectation. In all areas, she excels. I am most proud though of the Behavior and Skills (aka Values Education course) category. She is just as excellent as we hope her to be. Last night was our scheduled conference with her teacher and we learned that she has topped her class in all areas. Her knowledge is way beyond what is expected for a first grader. We have learned that their evaluation for Triz, as early as now, is that her skills belong to that of a Third Grade level. The teachers made me and the husband blushed when they told us that they are so proud of Triz and have never seen a 6-year-old as smart as she is. The husband and I didn’t know what and how to react and respond. That was the most stunning compliment we have heard all our lives. LOL.

We were presented with the teaching plans they have for our daughter, separate from the usual plan that they implement in the classroom because Triz is way advanced. The school has no Acceleration Program because the State of WI eliminated it. There is a Gifted Class but they don’t have it in the school as the Department of Education also amended such program because of the budget cut by making it as a one class for the entire district. After learning of the pros and cons, we decided not to put her in the gifted class. After all, her teachers are making sure that Triz will stay where she is at, academically, and then improve every day. She is blessed with an awesome adviser who recognizes her ability and makes sure that she won’t go back but forward. Despite all these physical and mental exhaustion that I am feeling, I have one wonderful reason to be just as happy and thankful.

My 272nd of the 366