Hello everyone, especially BPC loyal joiners! Pardon me for this late posting for today; you see, I tried to make the most of the rest that this day offers.

After the very exhausting week we have had, I looked forward to this day as I could completely take a pause from minding all the cares of the world as I rest on the seventh day of the week. We’ve had an awesome day at church, as we always do! The husband facilitated the Sabbath School Lesson in the sanctuary, Triz had a blast at her Primary Class, and I brought Tiara to the Cradle Roll class so we pretty much have had our share of those “good” hours. Of course, my “good time” was the potluck lunch! Ha ha!

Here’s the Sabbathkeepers, today:


My VIP’s, at our pew 😉

In the afternoon, we headed to the Nursing Home just a couple blocks next to our church to do a one-hour-short program with the residents there. We always do it every third Saturday of the month and it’s Triz’s favorite time as she gets to sing and tell story about Jesus to the elderly. She is the darling of the crowd at the nursing home, and today, we brought Tiara for the very first time. Everybody was ecstatic to see our 16-weeks old mingling with the old folks who are in the 80s and 90s.


Moi and Tiara, resting at the Nursing Home lobby

After a long day spent at church just fellowshiping with our church family and worshiping God, I can say that I am very much rested. Tomorrow, I have one more day to spend resting some more so you bet, my upcoming week will be a good one not to mention that it is Thanksgiving Week. I hope you have had an equally great day!

My 273rd of the 366