This week, since it is Thanksgiving Week, I’ll start a post that shows and tells thankfulness. I may have to do it for the entire week. I started it from yesterday’s gratitude to our Asian Stores here that display frozen freshly grated young coconut. It gave me the access to make that favorite Buko Salad. 😀

Today, I will have to show my thankfulness to these presents that came all the way from Fukuoka, Japan!


From Japan, with love!

My bestfriend bestsister Yaya Dhay sent this to me the other week, just before she flew home to Philippines. Via EMS, she mailed it Thursday because she had to fly home the following Sunday and I received it last Tuesday. It is her early holiday presents to us. We didn’t ask for these, but because she kept insisting that she’ll send her nieces some stuff, I then took the opportunity to ask for a rice cooker. You see, a Japan-made rice cooker is the best! Period. She sent us one in the past but it is too big for our everyday use so I told her I need a smaller one. Inside the box were: Triz’s school shoes, our new Panasonic Rice Cooker, a leather Relic crossbody bag that I didn’t ask; I just let her know that I want one (lol), Tiara’s Melody brand winter outfit, and a few more little stuff to enjoy.

Christmas came too early for us with these presents. And yes, it is always nice to have a sister who thinks of you every time!

My 275th of the 366