For the third post of the “Gratefulness” series of posts in connection with this week’s Thanksgiving Celebration, one of the things I am most thankful for is to become the mother of these two amazing girls: Triz and Tiara.


My daughters– Ate Triz and Little Tiara

Both born in the month of July, on the fourth day from the start and end of the month (just how incredible is the timing for their birthday?) these girls are my treasure, my inspiration, my reason to live, my life, my everything. Sometimes, I wonder if I am this good to be blessed with incredible kids! Ate Triz is a wonderful big sister. She doesย falterย at times and whenever she does intentionally, I always remind her to act like how a good sister does because Little Tiara is looking up to her. Most of the times, she learns the lesson and apologize right away. Little Tiara is a taste of heaven, just like every baby is! The husband and I live daily with the aim to teach and show our kids to be good citizens on earth preparing for eternity in heaven and I must say that when your parenting principle is based on the Bible, you can never go wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope and pray that these daughters of ours will continue to grow in faith and with God’s grace. They are the reason why I became a mother and this role is something I can never trade with anything else in this world.

My 276th of the 366