Yes I am! This is my fourth post of the “Gratefulness” series and this time, I am thankful for the past. Memories of the past give the present the chances to smile, laugh, cry, and just be joyful about and grateful for life!

These photos below were taken exactly 7 years ago today! It’s me and the husband in Chicago, Illinois, pre-kids era! Actually, I was 1 month pregnant here with our firstborn Triz. 🙂


Navy Pier Chicago, 7 years ago

Yay! We were still so young, (still slim), so sweet and smitten back then! Haha!


Navy Pier Cichago, 7 years ago

We lived in Bloomington, Illinois back then. Chicago was just a 2.5 hours drive and we used to frequent the Windy City because it was easy to do so. Seven years ago today, we looked like that in the photos. Triz and Tiara weren’t around yet and the husband and I were always together in every photographing opportunity. Not anymore now. LOL.

Old memories of my life are a mixture of good and not-so-good stuff. Twelve years ago though, this guy beside me joined me in creating beautiful memories to follow. We first met in October of 2000, got together in March 2001 (I know, it was too quick! Hehe), and got married in April of 2004 after hurdling a tough long distance relationship. Since then, he has become a part of the happenings worth remembering for as long as I can. Old memories– good and bad, no matter how you try to avoid them, will always be a part of you. And I am thankful for all of mine.

My 277th of the 366