If you live in the US, how was your gobble gobble, friends? I hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day celebration.

We did. Even though we weren’t feeling the best because of some mild colds and little Tiara was sick since last night with stuffy and congested nose, cough, and a fever. Still, God is to be praised and thanked for because He deserves our gratefulness all the time. We managed to go out in the morning and shopped and picked up my free 8×10 photo print at Walgreens and in the afternoon, we drove to Amherst, to our friend’s abode to have our Thanksgiving Dinner there.

There were just the five of us but our hearts were filled with gratitude. Our friend M, who is just like a sister to me and the husband, invited us over because she was alone on the very Thanksgiving Day. Her husband went deer hunting to Minnesota and she’ll head to her in-law’s place in the evening so since she was cooking, she called and asked us to head to their new place. And we did have a great time on our Thanksgiving Dinner even with the absence of a turkey on our table. Our grateful hearts will endlessly thank Our Provider because without Him, we are and we have nothing.

My 279th of the 366