I am ending my “Thankfulness” series with a healthy gratitude post. Actually, what I meant is that I am thankful for the overall sound health of myself and the people around me. In these days when getting sick is a No-No to everybody, I am grateful that God has heard my daily plea of giving myself, my husband, my kids, my loved ones and friends far and near good health because it is the only capital that we have that can make us thrive for more days and years of living.

Today at church, we had a segment during the worship time where everybody can express his/her praise and thanksgiving. I was holding little Tiara that time so it was the husband who said the praises in behalf of our family. He is thankful for all the blessings, big and small. We remember our families and friends scattered around the world and thank God for them. We are thankful for our daughters who are doing amazingly every single day, despite the little colds that they experience. We are thankful for our church family who love and care for us. The husband ended his piece by thanking his wife for taking care of his family. And I was touched.


Moi, today at church

My husband’s gratitude made my day. Why not, right? It shows that I have been appreciated all through out my mommahood journey. I always pray that God will bless me daily with strength and good health because if I am sick and unhealthy, I wouldn’t be able to take care of my family. I have been spoiled a bit this Thanksgiving break that passed because I got to oversleep and overstay in bed in the morning. I can only do that when there’s no school so I am thankful that they give me that time to spend resting more. And every so often, I would arrive at my PC’s keyboard with a sweet piece of note from my Ate Triz. Just like this one:


That’s sweeter that the slice of apple or pumpkin pies I’ve had this Thanksgiving holiday!

Taking time to rest is one way to stay healthy. Sabbath day is our special time to do it and as long as we can, we will spend every seventh day of the week resting and lifting our souls up. When we’re healthy, it is so easy to be happy and grateful.

My 280th of the 366