Umm, champorado or hot tsokolate, anyone?

It is snowing in our neck of the woods right now and with a below freezing temperature, surely, a hot foodie in the kitchen is just perfect! And these tabliyas or Pure Chocolate Tablets in English, as I have learned from an Ezine article, will make my morning a great one!


Tabliya or Pure Chocolate Tablets

I bought this thingy from an online seller based in Las Vegas. For a whopping $12, I got these 5 packs of small chocolate tablets. Thanks to Mami Janice for sharing the seller to me! It is expensive but it is worth it if you’re like me who loves Champorado in the morning and don’t have access to a Tabliya even with the many grocery stores here in town!

As a start of a brand new week, what better way to do it than giving in to your craving, right? I crave for Champorado right now and I will be having some in a while. The hot tsokolate drink will wait till Christmas or New Year, when I can make Putomaya or Suman once again! 😉

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