Hello everyone! It’s back to reality for me today as my academicians went back to school! Lol. That was a quick Thanksgiving break but I have enjoyed the days with my husband and ate Triz around me and little Tiara. Now, it’s back to a multitasker me again!

Anyway, today’s BPC is a feature of my aspiring pianist.


Our soon-to-be professional pianist!

Thanks to the frustrated pianist in me, I constantly prod my daughter to practice and learn how to play the piano because singing isn’t enough. I know, I am such a super influencer mama! LOL. We haven’t enrolled Triz in a music lesson yet. I was gonna enroll her when she started schooling but I figured she needed time to be acquainted with her school schedule first so an after-class activity might screw up her study pattern. I then plan to just enroll her early next year.

However, here at home, with her electronic keyboard that we got for her last Christmas, she has been on it, familiarizing the notes and the keys. I must say that Triz is musically-gifted. Aside from her good tone, she can read the notes really good, too. Even without a formal lesson yet, she is now able to play songs just based on the simple notes from her Piano lessons for Beginners book and from the Daddy’s made-up chords.

Here’s a clip of her playing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”, one of her favorite songs to sing. With her, you can also hear little Tiara’s help in singing! Haha.

My 282nd of the 366