A temperature that’s lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit (O degrees Celsius) is below freezing and when it is such, it is really really cold. It’s colder than the normal temperature of your refrigerator! So, when your outside surroundings look like this:


Beautiful but cold!

…yes, it is beautiful to look at but it’s dreadful to go out as it is really chilly.

It isn’t the peak of winter yet here in our neck of the woods yet the temperatures that we are experiencing are not friendly anymore. 🙁 We have to deal with it, though, no other choice. The coldest temperature I have experienced ever was 28 degrees below zero. Negative 28 Fahrenheit is -33 degrees Celsius. Have you experienced such or even more?

It was 11 degrees Fahrenheit (-11°C) this morning when our student had to go out and wait for the school bus outside. I asked her if she’s fine and she said she is. She’s warm enough as I made sure she has the proper winter outfit and even with the very freezing temperature, Triz has never complained yet so I think she fares well with the cold pretty good.

As for me, I kept complaining of how cold it is, but deep within, I celebrate its beauty. Thank God for winter season! I have jackets, thermal clothes, and winter boots, and other winter accessories anyway, so I can deal with winter as much as all native Wisconsinites can! 😀

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