A-Snap-A-Day 2014

A new toy which is a Doctor’s Medical Playset for our two girlies are going to be something that can give them a good time! I hope! Lol.

I got it for them yesterday afternoon after the husband suggested that “maybe playing pretend as doctors will help it!” after wondering what could ease our little T’s feelings of going wild at a doctor’s office and exam room. Ha ha! Triz exclaimed it was a great idea and they therefore need a doctor’s kit to do those pretend procedures. It was an exciting thought and I was “forced” to spend some moolah on a toy that I really hope will help our problem.

So, what’s the problem again? Well, this 18-month-old toddler’s attitude of hysterically crying when seen and checked up by her Pediatrician and when given a shot or more by the nurses at the doctor’s clinic! Yesterday was her 18-month-well checkup and oh how terrible it was for her! She gave us all a hard time because she cried like she was about to be slaughtered (LOL) even though Dr. Hay was the kindest!

After those moments of hysterical crying!

I don’t know why but she never wants to have anything to do with those real doctor’s devices and apparatus. She is all well and normal though so that is a great thing! I can’t understand why she doesn’t want anybody touching her other than Mama, Daddy, or Ate Triz, even if we have briefed her a million times already that doctors will not do any harm but good to her. Oh well, kids are surely kids! What’s clearest to me is that every child is sure different and that is very-well manifested in our two daughters who are opposite in so many ways.

Really now, I hope the new toy set will help ease our little T’s defiance with doctors (LOL) and will equally give these two daughters of ours a good time while playing!

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