A-Snap-A-Day for 2014

Twenty fourteen is here and I started timing it with a beautiful timepiece from Coach, the new Andee stainless steel jelly strap watch which I got on a 70% discount during the ‘After-Christmas Day’ sale. I told you, I am such a sucker of watches! 😀

 Andee stainless steel jelly strap watch

I got a new addition to my watch collection, or rather, a replacement to those that I just let go! Yep, I sent 7 watches in the Balikbayan box that we shipped last month and hopefully, they’ll reach the recipients in a pretty good condition.

This new timepiece is currently my favorite. Its buckle closure is perfectly preferred since it makes adjusting so easy especially that my wrist has also reduced in size as I lost a little weight off. It is made of a mineral crystal which makes it heavier and it is water resistant for up to 99 feet. It may just be a quarts movement but being a good brand, I am guaranteed to have this function well and good for at least 5 years.

 Andee stainless steel jelly strap watch

Was it a good purchase? Definitely! Being a Coach-aholic myself, this is my first Coach watch ever! Also my first purchase for 2014, and hopefully, my LAST one. Because I don’t need another one yet and I am but oh so broke already! Wish me luck! Ha ha!

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