Were we ready enough with all the baby gears and accessories that we needed when our second baby was born? Well, we would have been, had we kept everything that we had used with our first daughter. However, that was over 6 years ago and we have nothing left at all anymore so we really started from scratch this time. We are thankful though to friends; and I meant many friends, who were generous enough to give us some hand-me-down stuff. If there were things that we needed to buy, I can say that only 50% of what we need did we buy. Yay, I know!

Last Friday was the first day that Baby Tiara was able to go out of the house. We headed to go dine out with the parents-in-law and it was too hot that I realized we didn’t have a carseat canopy so yesterday, after receiving a coupon of a free carseat canopy valued $49 from carseatcanopy.com, I went ahead, grabbed the offer right away. I ordered this and only had to pay for shipping which was $12 something. Not bad, I think!


Now I can’t wait for this to arrive. As Baby Tiara grows older each day, I am starting to let her go outside with us every time so having her bundled up according to how the weather demands always comes easy when gears and accessories are at hand. Motherhood is sometimes complicated and demanding, but seeing your child’s precious smile is always worth it all! 😉

Tomorrow by the way is Baby Tiara’s 1-week-old checkup. I can’t wait to know the updates on her growth as per Dr. Reed, her pediatrician’s point-of-view! 🙂