One of the things that I love about December holidays is the abundance of musical concerts. Last December, many of my friends in different States have informed me of their participation in a school or church concert and oh how they wished I could attend the event but my distance just didn’t permit me to. I was treated to live recordings though via video and I have truly enjoyed every single bit of the shows that were sent to me . One particular concert that I found to be so awesome was a percussion concert where a lot of marimbas were played. I saw a marimba from musicians friend and I am imagining myself to be playing one but that’s just until there– imagining.

Since I am already too old to learn how to play it, I will just encourage my daughters to it. If they will express some interest– good. If not, I can’t force them. I am just thankful that even with my distance, my friends who are into concerts are always sweet and thoughtful enough to save me a portion of their live performances via tapes or videos. Surely, technology have gone a long, long way!