I have always wanted to pursue a degree here in the US. No, I am not giving up on that dream—but somehow, at this time, it has to be put on hold. In the meantime, I busy myself with other things like taking care of my little one and the seemingly endless household chores. I am not complaining… I love what I do, actually.

I don’t know how I would fare when I go back to school. It would be a totally different routine, for sure! I once was a back-to-school mom but I had only one daughter that time. Now, with two kids, I’m sure it would be tough. I still can’t imagine how it would look like, but for sure I would be reading more, and sleep less in order to cope with requirements. I am not as good in Math as the hubby, but maybe I could at least know how a digital ph meter works.

For now I will just enjoy every moment with my family as a stay at home mom. Pretty soon my girls would all be grown up and I would look back to these cherished moments with a smile on my face.