Well, let’s just say a shutterholic in me would love to try a different brand for a camera. This isn’t actually mine. I bought this for the husband but it was mainly myself who used this for the first time because I purchased this one to be used during the husband’s Ph.D. Graduation Ceremony last December.

As an additional electronic loot, I consider to be another item in my cabinetry.

My goal was so simple when I got this loot: to be able to take beautiful captures on December 18, 2010 when hubby would march to get his Ph.D. degree in Illinois. Since we weren’t sit near him as audience and since my point and shoot digicam has only 4X zoom, I won’t be able to get a good snap of him on his precious day. I’m glad this camera’s price was on sale when I found it as it made the decision process quick and easy. LOL. The amazing 26X optical zoom was absoluely perfect for what I’ve been looking for!
Sure enough, it helped me get great captures on that special day!