I promised myself that I shall skip shopping since Typhoon Sendong devastated my hometown and until my family can recover. I thought, like my daughter does, that every penny can do wonders when sent to CDO because my family has lost everything at home, my sister’s home was partly gone, and we have relatives and so many friends who are much in need than my family. So yeah, we have been lying low from shopping.

Except the other day when an online ad sent me this:


It’s an electronic wrist-strap Blood Pressure monitor which I shall find to be really helpful being a hypertensive that I am. I have been using a manual BP monitor here at home and with my pregnancy, along with my prescription medication, my doctor advised me to always monitor my BP. I thought this will be a better product than the manual since I will have to find it a little harder using the arm brace when I get bigger.

So I had this as my first purchase for the new year. Maybe there will be more but only those that are a need, not a want. 🙂