Nothing makes a musician happier than to be given musical instruments for his birthday or on a special occasion. Most musicians have such a deep passion for their skill they really don’t mind if they had more than just one instrument—in fact, the more, the better! I know that because my very own father-in-law is a huge guitar player. Guess what, he owns not one and not even two guitars but six! Yes, most of them are gifts and yes, they are very precious to him.

One good thing about musical instruments as a gift is many of them become collector’s items in a few years so it pays to collect them while they are available. Coming from a musical family myself, I think that ernie ball music man would be perfect for Christmas. I am sure hubby would enjoy playing it— and we don’t mind singing, actually. Which reminds me, the holidays are just around the corner. Do you think it’s too early to shop for gifts?