I granted my First Grader’s wish of a rain boots today. She deserved it after being consistent in making it to top their class for two quarters now. I am sure she will love this Tundra Kids Boots Puddles I got her from 6pm!

She has been wishing for one for a long time now but I was just delaying my purchase as I didn’t want to spend over $20 for it. I am glad I caught one today that’s below that price; thanks to 6pm alert that arrives in my inbox every day! 😉

Let’s see if she’ll wear this even on a winter. I think she still can. It is waterproof and the textile lining will keep her feet warm.It has a rubber outsole which I think is skid-resistant so this will be fine even with the snowy ground we have here, don’t you think?

I am anticipating a happy kiddo as I see this! 🙂