These Soldano Amplifiers that I saw online are exactly the kind of amplifier that my older brother mentioned when we chatted online a week ago. He expressed his interest to have one and told us that if ever we will send a package to them for Christmas, he would be really delighted if we could insert one for him. I was surprised when I saw the price of the amplifier because I thought I couldn’t afford it! Ha ha! The husband has suggested to look for one that’s on sale because may be there is. Well, maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. If there’s none, then I’ll just settle with a cheaper kind.

Amplifiers back in my home country are very in demand especially for public vehicle operators and drivers. That’s because public transportation there for commuters don’t have sound system so when drivers or operators install one, an amplifier is part of the sound system that will be installed. It is exactly the same reason why my older brother wants one.