This month is such a special month for me. Actually, the months of March and April that is. That’s because every month of March, many of my loved ones and friends celebrate their birthdays along with me. And also, the husband and I celebrate the start of our relationship every March, too. And then, just a few days when March is over, it is our wedding anniversary. That means, this coming April 5th, I need to find one of those unique anniversary gifts for husband because my husband deserves one.

The daughter though of giving her parents this when she saw the site that I was browsing and I thought it was sweet of her:

personalized nickname cookie jar

It’s a personalized nickname cookie jar and I thought it is cute, isn’t it?

It is indeed a perfect anniversary present for parents. As for me, I still have to find the perfect gift for my husband. I am not sure what he’d give me, but I’ll take whatever he prepares. It is going to be our 8 Years Wedding Anniversary. Yes, it’s been remarkable and I am thankful for every day that I spend with my husband!