Every April 17th is a day that’s so special to me because it is my bestfriend-bestsister‘s birthday. Today, she turns 37 years old. I know, time flew by so fast! It’s been four years since we last saw each other and I missed her so badly.

Her birthday pic she sent me via Private Message at Facebook

I call her Yaya Dhay simply because she was my babysitter/nanny when I was little. She was my number one supporter and confidante when I was growing up and she trusts me with all of her plans and financial aspects. She and my husband knew each other even before I knew him because they were fellow choir members. It was so funny when she learned that Jonathan, who then was my suitor, was courting me. She cautioned me right away that we are not ‘bagay’ because he was already a professional and I was just starting college. When she learned that I already accepted him, she realized that her friend was serious and then she trusted me. Fast-forward to now, they have remained to be friends with deep respect to each other.

Anyway, on her very birthday, she said there’s nothing to celebrate except thanking God for all the blessings. It’s a work day for her so she has to get up and face the real world. She is in Japan right now working as an Interpreter and an advertising agent for three local newspapers in Fukuoka. Her husband and daughter are in Philippines so yeah, there isn’t really a need to celebrate as she is just alone in her abode. She has friends and co-workers though so I think there’ll be some treats later.

We chatted this morning when I got up and shared each other’s plans, like we always do. She was so delighted to know that we are planning to go home next year. Hopefully, we will push through so that we will be reunited once again. We sure missed our countless dates and night outs as sisters.

Happy Birthday, Yaya! I’m posting this so that I have something to look back 5 or 10 years from now when your 37th birthday took place. 😀

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