We just had our bathroom mirror replaced. That’s after we asked for a replacement from our landlord who, kudos to him, was so prompt in delivering the need of his tenants, especially us! It was a perfect Valentine’s presents everyone of us got because we now love our new bathroom mirror. We wanted to have the vanity changed as well, but we retreated our want since the currently installed vanity still looks and works great!

I have my own choices for a bathroom vanity. Here in our current apartment unit, we only have one bathroom so we don’t need lots of vanities. However, I am taking a peek at these bathroom vanities from qualitybath.com because I am bookmarking their description pages so that when it’s time for us to move to our own home someday, I can look at these vanities again and then decide if I still want them or not.

A bathroom vanity always adds a great feel to one’s bathroom. Which style and finish do you prefer the most? I love a modern style with a stone finish. Can you picture that out?