So, a bed makeover finally took place at our own bedroom back home in Wisconsin before we flew here to Las Vegas! I had to cover it with a mattress covering though so that it will remain dust-free on the two weeks of our absence. 🙂

With the new comforter set that I purchased last month, I am now enjoying a cozy and summery bedding! My cosleepers love it as much as I do, but it’s unfair because they tend to oversleep more than I do! LOL. Oh well, blame the summer days when the husband is free from work. For now, that is!

I have also changed the other bedroom’s bedding, even though the daughter still sleeps with us. Nobody uses the bed during the night but on day time, we love to hang out at her room so it is still usable.

And because it is summertime, the warm temperature outside gives me the chance to dry my laundry by the clothesline. I’ve been doing it for a couple weeks now, especially with the sheets that I washed and yes, I am loving it! 🙂

How has summertime been for you so far?

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