Yesterday I’ve noticed in the Feature News section of Yahoo and I’ve read the first few lines stating that August is the month with the most birth dates of people. Well, I am going to disagree because in my case, September is the month I know that many celebrate their natal day. For one, Swithart was born on the 12th. And I remember several high school friends whose birth dates fall on the 7th, 11th, 15th, 17th, 22nd and 27th. I think it’s a common date for giving birth, don’t you think? Haha!

AND today is my mother’s 57th birthday. I called her last night (Friday morning Philippine time) to know if there’s been a celebration, but sadly, she said there’s none. No serenades, not many foods, no visitors she expect would come. No money. And even worse, two of my pamangkins are sick and were even brought to the hospital. She said the weather’s been so bad, and it’s flu season out there. So it’s sad.  And I am.

The good thing is, they just received the two balikbayan boxes we’ve sent more than a month ago. Talking to Mama on the phone, I could hear the excitement and laughter they have back there. She said it’s a great birthday present with goodies for everybody so it’s really wonderful. But I know full well that they needed some amount that those boxes couldn’t give so we headed to Wal-mart last night to send them some amount through moneygram. Thanks to my kind-hearted hubby for the donation! Lol!

So for me, the month of September calls for blow-outs. To mention, I’m going to greet my friends who are celebrating their birthdays on this month. Our housemate Nini who’s on vacation right now, my friendsters Abegail, Sheila, Nefel, Aiza, Nedy, Lecille, Terence, Reva, and Ivy, and I can think of some more long-time-not seen friends. To all of you celebrants,  cheers for more abundant years ahead!
Accept my greetings of a Happy Birthday to each of you!