So, I’m on my way to an even healthier lifestyle! Thanks to Mami Lulu‘s share of her health story, I got so compelled to renew my choice of becoming healthier, even with the already healthy choices that I have been into.

I have added this in my props of a healthier lifestyle: the Black and Decker Fruit and Vegetable Juice extractor.


Image grabbed from Walmart

It’s a lot cheaper when ordered at Walmart online and it’s available for pickup at your nearest Walmart store so I ordered it an hour ago and will be available to be picked up later this afternoon. For a total of $31.97, NOT bad at all!

The daughter is ecstatic because she wants to use this as soon as it gets here in our kitchen! She has been asking for freshly squeezed juice from oranges and grapefruits and requests for apple and carrot juice, too, so this will be a perfect device for an easier grants of those requests.

I will have to share more “juicy” experience then when I get to use this soon! 🙂