I had to click 18+ as I opened the website with blu flavors of electronic cigarettes and I fully understand it because cigarettes aren’t sold to minors. Actually, I am not planning on buying one or two as none of us here smoke. I was just so curious and interested to know about it because my older sister has asked me to check out the prices of such as sold here in the US. See, my older sister is the one that’s interested to buy.

My older sister is based in Japan right now and next month, she will be going home to Philippines for a vacation. Well, I learned that we have Uncles who asked from her a sample of an electronic cigarette in different flavor and although I disagree on their please, it’s my sister who is still going to decide. I disagreed because I myself am a campaigner to a No Smoking program. First off, my own father died from emphysema so I am very allergic to anything related to smoking or cigarette. I have been too traumatized with the incident that my Papa has gone through.

Cigarettes, whether with flavor or not, is something that can never attract me. The husband feels the same so I am lucky as I don’t have to deal with a partner at home that does what I am so allergic to.