My sister-in-law, aside from her being a self-confessed travel queen that she is, is into scuba diving a lot. I saw several wetsuits in her closet the first time I cleaned her room when I first got here in the US and we had to live in her house. I didn’t know that she has a collection of scuba diving gears. Not until I saw hers and also watched a lot of her photos under the water in many oceans around the world. When she shops, I can’t blame her if she’s so fascinated with one wetsuit that’s on sale. Thus, she tends to buy a new one often.

Unlike my sister-in-law, I have never experienced scuba diving yet. She assured me that I can do it even if I am not a good swimmer at all. I kind feel interested about it, but the husband doesn’t allow me to go and join his sister. He clarified that he doesn’t want to see me taking risk because he’s scared for me.

Well, now that I am a mom, I don’t think I will ever try it. Going underneath the waters and seeing the beautiful creations down there is awesome, for sure! However, because of my inability to swim, I don’t want to put my life in danger. Therefore, I won’t be buying any wetsuit for myself since there is no way I’m gonna use one, but if I’ll see one that’s on sale, I think I can get it for my sister-in-law. That would be a good addition to her collections, right?