Have you experienced renting a car during your vacation? Nowadays, such is the trend. And it is one good, efficient, and convenient trend that I am thankful to be enjoying life right now with the accessibility and availability of car rentals. My very first car rental experience was when I was still new here in the US over 8 years ago and we took a long drive from Illinois to Florida. There were four of us so flying would be a bit more expensive. Driving was the most voted option plus we all wanted to stop by the different states that we can pass through so it was a wonderful experience.

Car rental is a very convenient choice. When you fly to your destination, arriving at the airport with a car waiting for you which is a part of your itinerary just makes your vacation or business trip a lot smoother and not stressful at all. Even when we flew to our home country two years ago, we also rented a car to get to so many places conveniently. It worked wonderful and on our next vacation, I can see ourselves still doing it since we don’t have our own vehicle back there.

As for our upcoming trip in the summer, the husband and I are still weighing the decision whether to use our own minivan or to rent a car. We are safe with our own vehicle insurance-wise, but we would be a lot safer with a rented car since coverage while we are on the road is guaranteed the whole time we are on a car lease. We are taking a long road trip to the Northeast so it is a major decision that we will be spending time with discussing. Whatever it is that we can come up with, I am sure it will be for the entire safety and enjoyment of our family.