I love my new partners in crime! This time though, the crime is the online schooling that I am into. Lol.

Inside the box where my textbooks for the MTE (Medical Transcription Editing) Program were these stuff:

CareerStep freebies

A hot/cold insulated drinking glass, a pack of notepad, and a pen all CareerStep customized. I loved them all!

They are good enough for a collection, yes. But, they are actually my everyday use. So far, I love being a CareerStep student, although I really struggle to keep up with my targeted times for studying. So far, I got  successful in all of the exams having gotten 100% in all of those that were recorded however, I still have a long way to go. I am thankful for my husband. He always reminds me to take things lightly and just face my lessons when I really have the time. He doesn’t mind if I won’t be done with my program within the time frame; he assured me he’s behind me all the way even when I can extend. For that, I thank and love him even more! 😉

270/365 BPC