This guest post from Werner Rogers

A few days before Christmas our cars were broken into in our driveway. I cannot believe that anyone would do that so close to the holidays. As if we did not have enough extra expenses, now we have to pay for broken windows also. What really worried me though, is that they could have just as easily broken into our house. They could have taken all of our Christmas presents, among other important things. Worst of all, our children were sleeping in our house and anything could have happened to them. My husband and I immediately decided that we needed to have a security system installed. I went online to to find an alarm system available in our area. It was really easy and they were able to come the next day and install it, even though it was the week of Christmas. I am so glad that we can feel safer now that we have an alarm system. Hopefully we can enjoy the holidays now without having to worry about any break ins. Now I just have to worry about my last minute shopping.