My 6-year-old First Grader is in cloud nine! She won’t be able to join in the first ever field trip that the entire first grade level pupils at McKinley Elementary School will be doing which is visiting and having fun at a pumpkin patch next week, on the 11th of October, because she is going with us to Texas! The first phrase actually makes her sad as she would miss a great learning event that the school holds, but the latter phrase consoles her. I think a family road trip from Wisconsin to Dallas, Texas sounds more exciting and she loves family travels so she’s buying it! So, it will not be a class field trip for her but it will be an even bigger and farther excursion. And for sure, she will be learning history and geography as well so it’s still an educational trip, not to mention that our purpose of going there is that the professor husband has been invited by the National Council of Teachers in Mathematics (NCTM) to speak at a conference there.

Another reason why my daughter is ecstatic is that she learned this very morning that I am buying her a Kindle Fire HD, as my early Christmas present for her. Yep, the Fairyhobmother has sprinkled his sweet and generous amount of magical dust so that he can help me get the Kindle Fire for my own daughter! Although a Beko washing machine would be a perfect choice if I’m asked for a Christmas wish for myself, I’d rather have something else that my own daughter can enjoy; i.e., the Kindle.

Image grabbed from Amazon

Besides, the daughter deserves to have one for being such an awesome kiddo! She’s been a wonderful big sister to little Tiara since the latter was born two months ago, and she’s been Mama’s big helper as well. Most of all, she’s doing exceptionally well at school, as how her teacher described her to us, so I thought this Kindle would be a perfect treat. Actually, I was gonna surprise her with this gift, but she discovered it this morning when she was taking a peek at my computer screen and was able to read a post about my wish to the Fairyhobmother of a Kindle Fire for her.

I sure am glad that fairies are real, and that, the special Fairyhobmother, who has been on a mission to spread joy and happiness across the blogosphere has stopped by my blog and showered me with some love! You might want to leave  a comment on this post to attract the Fairyhobmother’s attention or you may want to follow him on Twitter and wait for your chance to be noticed.

Good luck! As for me, he has been so generous in helping me cover part of the cost of the Kindle so that I can grant my deserving child an early Christmas present! 🙂

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