I was able to take advantage of the five dollars coupon that I was sent by Kmart when I stopped by in there yesterday from our trip to Wausau. I shopped by myself at the Clearance section, while I left my companions at the nearby McDonald’s. It was a perfect chance for me to be alone and when I got home, I was content with my finds:

First of all, the husband congratulated me for being firm with my decision and goal to stay away from impulsively spending. Yep, I am, because we are aiming to keep our credit rating unchanged from now until we can get our new house. It is hard, I tell you, especially that these days, clearance ads are arriving in my inboxes like crazy! LOL. However, I am proud of myself as well from staying off. Not today though, because Kmart’s deals are too good to say pass to so yeah, I gave my self some love, some good therapy that is! 😉

How’s your shopping impulses lately, friends?

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