Gotta get more pinks around here! Nope, not because I love them but because it is the easiest thing to pick up when at the stores. Blame it to the daughter who finds every pink attractive and yet complains why there are a lot of pink stuff all over her room when red is her favorite color! Lol.

Anyway, this new pink purse is from Avon. I got it for free because their promo over Valentine’s Day was this free purse (good enough to store travel toiletries in small containers) when you purchase an over $14.99 price of a product. It’s cute, isn’t it?


Pink enough for a not-so-pink-lover me! πŸ˜€

The other pink added in the SAHM Collections is the digital counting jar that I got for the daughter last Christmas. She filled it right away when I handed it to her and now, it’s half-full already with coins amounting to $47.44 Β excluding the bills she got over the holidays.


I guess this is the most used and worthwhile pink stuff that I bought for her. And I hope she can fill it completely, so we can bank it and save it in her college fund. Talk about teaching your kid to save for the future! This digital money jar is absolutely a good partner in doing it!