How many TV sets do you have at home? We have only one. It is in our living room and our small apartment seems to accommodate it less now that we’re filling our small living room space with the play pen and walker for our little one. I am thinking of hiding our only TV in Triz’s bedroom and I am looking for one of those corner tv stands that can do the job of accommodating the TV in one of the unused corner in that room.

We don’t watch TV a lot– only news programs, sports, and PBSKids for the daughter. She doesn’t watch it as long as she wants because she’s limited to only 1 hour of screen time every day and on school days, she can hardly find time to watch TV so even with a TV in her room, she is still TV-free.

What kind of TV stand do you use? A corner stand is good in utilizing little space, is it not? That’s what I thought so!