Shopping is a woman’s thing! If you’re a woman like me, then I am positive that you won’t refute my statement! Ha ha! Even my husband knows exactly that shopping can make my day better so when I feel blue at times, he knows that even just a little shopping spree could make a good therapy for me! 😉

However, I am not a luxurious shopper! As a matter of fact, I am the opposite– a thrifty one. I go for sales and bargains, and if I buy the regular-priced items, I make sure that I can get discounts from them. How? I use special discount promos and deals sent to me, and coupons and are my perfect partner, too! Guess what, I have only learned to love using coupons ever since I got here in the US! For me, a smart shopper is not the one who spends too much on little things; instead, the one who spends little on so many goodies. I can be trusted on that, and at the end of the day, it always make me feel relieved that I didn’t waste a penny!

CouponCodes are perfect shopping partner, too! And no, not only can you take advantage of them when shopping for clothes, shoes, different accessories, etc., but they can also be very useful when buying your desired vacation itineraries– flights and hotel accommodation! I’ve used a coupon code when I booked our Michigan hotel accommodation last week and I felt great with the savings I got! I am bound to be finding for a cheap Las Vegas flight for a 2-week-vacation after the Spring semester and I am expecting to find another coupon code to give me more discount on it. I must mention that is worth checking out if you are a smart shopper and bargain hunter like me!

There is a Miche Bag coupon that I have checked out which I want to share with you, just in case you are in the mood for shopping! One thing I can say is, when you go shopping– in store or online, if you want to earn some discounts on what you’re paying, consider making coupons and coupon codes your partner and shopping becomes even more fun!