Do you feel safe shopping online? Are you a Cyber Monday fan? You see, Thanksgiving Day here in the US is coming up and the Monday following this holiday is the day when online retailers will give their products the very descent, affordable prices that customers would flock online to shop. I have tried shopping on this day and believe me, it is so fun and so worth it because I could save up to 90% off of all my shopped goods.

Shopping online has become such a trend in the first world countries where the internet is part of their daily lives. For a stay-at-home mom like me, it is the most convenient thing to do. But of course, we need to be reminded of the online shopping tips first and foremost so that our identity will remain safe while we are logged on the world wide web.

As this infographic tells us, safety first during online shopping should always come into consideration.

The use of your identity online is risky. Many choose not to shop online so as not to expose their identity to potential online thieves. For me, safety in shopping online has been my number one guide and I now have a list of  online stores that I can trust so so far, online shopping has been fun and good for me. And safe, too!